Monday, October 31, 2011


I was doing hair the other day, and Eric had to run somewhere really fast. I finished up foiling, and when I came out to check on the girls, this is what I found! Liv gave me a huge smile and said, "Mmmmmmmm." Avree had a cupcake and left it on the table, so Liv just climbed up there to eat it. Love this little girl!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Princess/Superhero party

I threw my first birthday party on saturday. haha. Turned out to be really fun! Whenever I asked Avree what kind of birthday she wanted or cake she wanted, she said she wanted Spiderman and Belle, so we worked with both! My friend Kimberly came to paint faces, and my friend Carly made the yummy cupcakes! Could these littles get any cuter?!Uncle Chase was a big hit! Never a dull moment with those boys:)Three year olds and pinatas are my favorite combination. Best entertainment ever! Hahaha

Happy birthday Avree girl!

Ave came out of my room like this the other day. She is such a diva. I love it! hahaha. so cute in my shoes. I hate that she gets into my shoes like every day and messes them up, but pics like this make it totally ok!Eric and I surprised her with some ballet clothes and took her to the rec center for her first ballet class that just so happend to start on her actual birthday! She couldn't take her eyes off herself the whole time. The teacher was so good about getting the girls to focus, but Ave just twirled around and watched herself in the mirror. It was so much fun to watch!Wanting to go back in after class was over:

Trunk or Treat

Wanted to make the girls costumes this year, and I was so happy with how they turned out! Stayed up way too late getting those tutus done, but it was totally worth it!

Pumpkin patch

We go to this pumpkin patch in flowermound every year, and had so much fun this time! I love it when these cousins are so sweet to each other.

Shake it

I took avree out for icecream the other day. Thought she would like a little mommy/daughter time! As we were walking into the icecream place, she saw a dance studio and wanted to go in. So I let her go in and she just lit up instantly! She told the lady at the front desk that she was there for dance class. They fell in love with her cute-ness and let us go back and watch the litte girls practice. She loved it! Threw the biggest fit when we had to leave, and clearly got some dance fever....

This is in the icecream place.

I had no idea where those moves were coming from! Hahahaha. I mean, I know good moves are in her blood, but seriously? The floor slap? What the? Hahahahaha.

So I took her home and told Eric about her day, and he told me he'd been putting on Step Up for her ( just the dance parts:))

The whole rest of the day, she would not stop talking about her going to dance class. "Mommy--I need a pink dress and pink shoes for dance, ok?.......Mommy-- I be nice to my sister and get to go to dance class, k?......Mommy--is it time for my dance glass yet?.....Mommy--I can't marry daddy, k. I have to go to ballet class."

Needless to say, we signed her up for a ballet class! It's just a little one through the rec center, and it starts on her birthday! So excited!

Good company

Remember that bestie I was telling you about?! Well she comes to visit once a year. She's cool like that. So fun to see her! She is a sports fanatic, and hadn't ever been to a MLB game, so we took her to the Rangers game. So fun.I heard my girls laughing and went outside and they were totally playing so cute, keeping each other so entertained. Have to capture those moments!Also went to the zoo. She was so nice and took like 20 pics so we could get one with both girls hidden, and me strategically hidden behind them. Hahahaha. Thanks for putting up with me, Stace! Love you Stace! Come back soon!

Grown up

Birthday parties, Play dates, Pre-school, and Swim lessons!!!
Wow. She is growing up quick! Ave's friend Chase from church had a party at chuc e cheese, and she loved it!

Play date with miss katie! They were hilarious and twirled around the house for like an hour!First day of Miss Jill and swim lessons with Riley and Ariel. Ave was so excited for swim, but I don't think it was what she was expecting. Haha. The next day, I did her teacher(Ariel's) hair, and Ave didn't want her at our house at all! Hahaha. By the end of the week, though, she was attached to her hip. They did awesome and I am so glad we decided to sign her up with them! Thanks guys.

friends and fam

Every time we go up to Utah, we like to plan tons of stuff to do together. Sometimes it gets stressful! What I need to remember for our next trip, is that it's not the events we plan or the places we go that make the memories--it's the people...
This is my mother's mother. Doris Barlow:) I have always had a special bond with her(although I think all of her grandkids feel like they are the most special!) She watched me from the time I was 3 until I could take care of myself. I never realized how lucky I was to get that one on one time with her. I sing my girls to sleep with the same songs my grandma sang to me. I tear up almost every night singing her words. Her goodbye when I moved to TX was one of the hardest. No matter where I live, she is always close to my heart.I got to drive to Idaho with my dad to see my Williams' side. It was such a great day. My Grandma Fae still lives in the house that my dad grew up in! The second I walked in, I was overwhelmed with memories. Summer visits, cousins, cookies! She has a huge heart and is the sweetest woman in the world. My Grandpa Williams passed away about 4 years ago, but it felt like he would be just outside in the fields with the cattle. He was always such a hard worker. I treasure those memories made in that house, and am so grateful I got to make more with Eric and our girls. Thanks Grandma!My mommy...
I never appreciated my mother more than I do now that I have kids. She is so selfless and sweet and fun. I love her so much. The older I get, the more I learn of her life and her accomplishments and I will be ever greatful for her faith and courage!I am blessed with amazing siblings! My two sisters have children, and every time we go back home it feels like we never left! This is my bestie. Stacey Boam. She might be the nicest person you will ever meet. Never forgets a birthday. Spoils me rotten, loves my kids as if they were her own...ya know, the usual. hahaha. She is anything but usual. Our moms were friends when they were pregnant with us, and we have been there for each other ever since. Avree calls her "My Stacey."

Happy Brithday Liv

I have sort of been obsessed with owls lately, and found some cute owl themed birthday ideas on pinterest. Seriously...what did I ever do before I had you pinterest?! Anyway, we did a "Look whooooo's one them." Turned out pretty cute!LOVE when my babies snuggle up with my Gma! Birthday girls, Olivia and Nanna. Can't believe that it has already been a year. Goes by so fast. Happy Birthday Tori! We love you.Since Olivia and her cousin Haley are only 9 days apart, we did a little cake-off in Tx before we went up to Utah. So. Dang. Cute!Maybe we should've switched spots. hahaha.