Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shake it

I took avree out for icecream the other day. Thought she would like a little mommy/daughter time! As we were walking into the icecream place, she saw a dance studio and wanted to go in. So I let her go in and she just lit up instantly! She told the lady at the front desk that she was there for dance class. They fell in love with her cute-ness and let us go back and watch the litte girls practice. She loved it! Threw the biggest fit when we had to leave, and clearly got some dance fever....

This is in the icecream place.

I had no idea where those moves were coming from! Hahahaha. I mean, I know good moves are in her blood, but seriously? The floor slap? What the? Hahahahaha.

So I took her home and told Eric about her day, and he told me he'd been putting on Step Up for her ( just the dance parts:))

The whole rest of the day, she would not stop talking about her going to dance class. "Mommy--I need a pink dress and pink shoes for dance, ok?.......Mommy-- I be nice to my sister and get to go to dance class, k?......Mommy--is it time for my dance glass yet?.....Mommy--I can't marry daddy, k. I have to go to ballet class."

Needless to say, we signed her up for a ballet class! It's just a little one through the rec center, and it starts on her birthday! So excited!


Ambre said...

Her dancing in the ice cream place seriously made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes..I would have been dying, that is so freaking funny!!!!!