Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a girl!!!!!!!!!

We went to the doc today and got a perfect glimpse of our lil baby girl! Doc said he's 100% sure she's a she! I'm so excited to go pull out all Ave's old clothes...they were totally worth the money spent after all!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I have an excuse, I swear....

I have totally slacked on blogging, woof. But it is because I am sick/tired/pregnant!!! yay, due July stuff.

Ave is getting so big, and pics don't do her justice, so I have to post these so you can see her in action. My mom gave her this silent night book for christmas, and she is obsessed with it! She plays it every day, and laughs at it every time it starts the song. Thanks, mom! Love you!

ps...please know that I really do clean my house! haha, Avree just loves taking everything out of every basket/drawer/cupboard/purse, every single day, so I wait till she is sound asleep to straighten things up!

PIG TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!

The day has finally come... I can fit Ave's hair in two pony's! She has totally grown lately, and so has her hair! Yay!!! Put in an order to my fav ribbon place tonight, all of her huge bows just don't work any more, we're downsizing:) Anyone know a place near Dallas that sells heavy duty grosgrain ribbon so I don't have to buy it on line or drive to Canton? There's a little ribbon store in Gladewater, right outside Canton, that has every kind of ribbon you could possibly imagine. It's awesome, and I haven't been able to find good stuff anywhere else. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are not cutting it.

Be Mine

White Christmas in Texas!