Monday, August 13, 2007

shake your baun baun

So, our trip was quite a success. And to answer everyone's questions, Schlitterbaun is a HUGE water park just North of San Antonio. It's been voted the best waterpark in the country for 8 years in a row! There's three parts spread over 65 acres. Tons of slides, tons of pools, and some rides even drop you right into the river. We had SO much fun!

On the Way Down

T-Bowl let us take her car, so we could all fit and go down together! Thanks so much Tori! And don't worry- we didn't even eat in there, Eric made sure everyone was super careful!!!!

Eidel Veice Inn

Eric and I were supposed to get a room, but we accidentally forgot. So Ryan and Jill were so nice to get this lovely suite!

The slides behind us were so much fun! The blue one was the MASTER BLASTER haha! It was a good time, and the wave pool behind us was awesome.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Hey everyone!
Eric and I are going to New Braunfels this Friday night(Aug.10Th) after work, getting a hotel for the night, and going to Schlitterbahn all day Saturday! Sam and Britt are coming for sure, Paxton and Abby are 70% in, and we're pretty sure Ryan and Jill are meeting us there. Anyone else want to come? Let us know ASAP! It's going to be so much fun!