Friday, August 28, 2009

Sweet and Sassy....

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No more cast!!!

I have been meaning to blog about this forever! Ave got her cast off about a month ago, and is doing great. The little saw thing that they cut the cast off with scared her, but I think she took it better than me. The nurse had me hold her down, and she was so sad, looking at me like,"hello? What are you letting this lady do to me?" So sad! But it's off, her leg is healed, and everything is looking good so far. We go in a couple months to make sure there's no permanent damage, but the doc said there's only about a 10% chance, so I'm not too worried. Ooooh La La.... look at those legs!

I thought this was so cute... she was testing it out right away! She's been really good with crawling. She still did the whole boot-scoot, army crawl for a while, but this week she's been crawling on her knees, and getting so fast!
I think this pic makes her look SOOOOO long!!!!! Everyone tells me how crazy long she seems, so it suprised me that at her 9 month check up, she is only in the 75th percentile for length. Only.....ha ha ha

Oh yeah, and she LOVES bath time! I am loving it too, with her cast off. So much easier!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

O, Canada...

For those of you who may not know, my sister in law, Jeni, is from Canada. Every so often, she goes home to visit her fam. This makes me happy for her, because I know she misses them like crazy. However... it is very sad for me, because I am selfish, and don't like the fact that not only do I not get to see her, I can't talk or text because she's in Canada. I am basically just cut off, and it hasn't been too horrible in the past, but this visit, she's gone for a whole month.The only way we can communicate is through email or Jeni, if you're out there.... I miss you guys!!! I am so bored here without you. Can't wait for you to come back!