Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving. We were over at Eric's parent's house with the fam, food was great, weather was awesome! Eric, Avree, and I went on a walk, and there were tons of squirrels out, this one was our favorite!

This is a pic of the tree right outside our apartment, it's beautiful.

soakin up some sun. I put her in her room, facing the window, and just let the sun on her toes, and she loves it!

Oh my gosh, her neck is getting so strong. We put her up on our shoulder, or our chest, and she lifts her neck up to look at us, it's so cute! Plus, this pic shows off her awesome mullet. I'm going to cut it if it gets ANY worse!!!

Giving her daddy kisses

This was how cute she was before Eric came home. He hates headbands/bows/flowers, so he usually takes them off. boo.

Crazy faces!

She was being SO sweet this night, so we took a ton of pictures, trying to capture her sweetness!


I decided it's never too early to start tummy time, and she loved it! I stayed right there the whole time, but her neck is getting so strong, so I knew she'd be fine.

Ha ha, I love this face, she makes it all the time! The sleeper she's in is actually the same sleeper my mom brought me home from the hospital in. It's so cozy, I love it.

And of course, smiling for her dad. She loves him!

I loved these little pink shoes with her outfit, so I had to show this to my mom! And her little newborn clothes are starting to get a little snug! Hence the nice belly shot, woops:)

First time she wore this sleeper. It's a 0-3month. Still a little big, but she was being so good, so we had to take a pic. Oh yeah, and she totally exploded through her diaper right after we took this picture! That's why we try to put blankets down on her bouncer. They're much easier to wash!

We went to Sacrament meeting last Sunday. I swear she hates church! Oh well, her outfit was cute.

We went to the 12:02 showing of TWILIGHT the other night, which was amazing, and Avree came along! She was so good, she loved all the people, and the lights. The Fox 4 news lady was there, and saw her, and asked if they could show her on the news! It was pretty fun!!!

Going to the park! First time I got to put this little coat on her. This was actually the very first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant!

This is my favorite outfit to put her in! I was so excited when she fit into it!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two weeks!!!!

Just a little update..... we had Avree's two week appt the other day, and she's gained almost a whole pound from her last week check up, and has gained all of her birth wait back, plus some! Yay!! So since I realized she was getting so big so fast, I called my sister in law Jeni to come over and take some newborn pics. It was so much fun. This was one of my favorite little poses.

A girl in my ward came and brought this cute Christmas dress by the other day! I was feeling pretty good Sunday, and hey, Avree had a cute new dress, so we decided to go to church!

Ready to shop! I was so sick of being home the other day, so Avree, my mom, and Eric's mom all went and ran a couple errands.............okay, just one. Because by the time I got all ready, and we got to the one store we went to, I was exhausted! Pathetic, I know. Cool how I can BARELY even lift the dang car seat out of the base thing it locks into. Good thing my mom has been here for so long. I might just have to stay home when she leaves!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Splish Splash

She is already so modest!

She liked it at first until she got cold.

Precious neck meat

Goodbye Garrett, We love you

So, Garrett reports to the MTC tomorrow for his two year mission to Chile. We had a get together last night for one last time. He is such a great kid, he's going to be the best missionary ever. We were so glad he got to meet Avree right before he left. We love you, and miss you already!

Grandpa and the babies:) I can't believe how fast they grow in just three months.

Stockin' up on kisses for the next few years

Of course Garrett wanted updated family pictures. Woof! Oh well, at least I got dressed!

All the brothers. They are so dang cute.

Avree loves her grandma's!!!


She is sleeping lots, which is pretty nice, because it lets mommy sleep a little! Her first night home was pretty rough, but we've been trying to keep her awake a little more during the day, and the past couple nights, she's only woken up twice to eat, so I think she's doing great! Cuddling with daddy, and trying to get her legs warm! Poor thing. I took her blanky off to take a picture.

criss-cross apple sauce! She always crosses her feet, it's so cute.


It was my sister's birthday on the 2nd, and I wanted to do something fun for her, so I put Avree on both of the blankets my sister made for her(the cute zebra print one, and the quilt she's on) and dressed her up a little! Ha ha, I am such a nerd, but it is so much fun!

Dressin up!

I know you can totally tell I am a first time mom, because I just want to take pictures of her ALL THE TIME!!!!! I just can't get enough. These are just some of her stinkin cute newborn outfits that she's been stylin' in the past couple days... She LOVES to be swaddled!Sung as a bug, and so cute wrapped up like a little burrito!So sweet.

This might be my fav! Check out her boots!!! Hee hee hee

Napping in a blanket made my grandma knight!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

HAPPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, today was so much fun. We were released from the hospital, came home, then went over to Eric's mom's so she could see Avree's costume! I know there are a million pictures on here, but I just couldn't help it! She's so dang cute! Oh, and when we got home, Grandma Knight had the whole apartment spotless, and chicken noodle soup in the crockpot:) Avree has the best Grandma's EVER!!!!