Friday, January 26, 2007

Day at Ashley Furniture

Eric and I needed to buy furniture, and luckily, Anna and Chase were moving in to their new house at the same time! So we put our purchases together and got some crazy discounts!

We were all there for a really long time, and Eric started getting bored, so he pretended to be a model!
Our bedroom set

Our apartment at Christmas time

Cool tree, right?! Tori let us borrow it for a while so we could be festive!!!!

Our Apartment!!!!!!!

Party at the Rawlins!!!

Here are all the boys watching the game-cute huh!!!
And the girls in the next room having a chat!
And then Chase and Cam joined the guys

Tori helped me make this yummy fruit salad, and I was so excited how pretty it was I decided to take a picture. Thank heaven for moms!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


The day after our wedding, we woke up bright and early to catch our five o'clock flight. The lines were way long, and we were a little late, so we almost missed it! But luckily, it was delayed, and we were even able to eat some breakfast before boarding.

The "Pottery Barn"

I guess you aren't allowed to have guest houses in Oak View, California. So Eric's uncle Jeff built this little place, and called it a pottery barn. They even had a kiln in their, so it passed inspection! When that was out of the way, Pam moved in and made it look perfect.

Enjoying the Scenery

our first attempt to six flags, we drove an hour to find out it was closed! So, to make our trip worth while, we decided to stop on the way back, to take a few pictures!

A Day at "Magic Mountain"

We Eventually did make it to Six Flags! And it was totally worth the wait, it was so much fun!!!!

Santa Barbara

We went in to Santa Barbara one day to shop, and we ate at this crazy good Italian place. As we were eating, this homeless lady walked by, and earlier that day, she asked us for money, and when we didn't give her anything, she seriously chewed us out, and told us to, "enjoy sleeping in our warm houses tonight!" So anyway, she walked by and Eric cracked a joke, and it made me laugh! Oh, and we thought we'd take a pic of the pizza, it was seriously amazing!!!

The Beach

This is me pouting. I always wanted to go to some tropical place with a beach, on my honey moon, so we could relax in the sun! Eric kept saying we'd go to one, but we just ran out of time. On our way to the airport, Eric said we had about 15 extra minutes, so we could stop and take a picture at the beach, just to say we went! I was sad we couldn't stay longer, but oh well, it was kinda cold, anyway!

Our first apartment

This our very first apartment in Provo Utah! Jen and Jason helped us move our mattress in, and then we met up with Dad, and Amy,Thomas, and their kids, and we all went to the BYU game! It was Eric's first one!

!Since we only lived there about a month and a half, we didn't buy any furniture. We had a mattress and a shower curtain, but that's about it! I came home from a long day at the salon one night, and Eric had dinner all made and laid out on the kitchen floor!

Our first Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! This year, I really wanted to do something fun since I had a husband to dress up with. I wanted to do something cool with my hair, and Eric didn't want to wear make up or spandex! So this is what we came up with


I took this picture the last night I hung out with my fam, before I moved to Texas. Logan and Adi are so fun! They are always copying each other, and both got their little hands on an apple. We got them to totally cheese it on the fireplace! I miss them so so so much, but Texas is good, I'm happy to be here!