Monday, August 21, 2006


The first time we tried to go bowling, Kathleen and I called all our friends, but couldnt get anyone to go with us. We thought we had become that weird engaged couple that no one wanted to hang out with. Worried to be labled as one of those weird engaged couples, we tried again to go bowling with friends. These are the pictures that prove that our friends still want to hangout with us. Kathleen beat me the both games we played. Humility came swiftly after.
We are so cute!

My sweet bowling shoes. I'm also sporting some Main Event socks.

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk....all that junk inside that trunk?

Visit to Temple Square

Kathleen and I went to meet up with Paxton and Abby. Paxton had purposed to Abby that day and it was fun to talk with them. Abby showed off her temporary engagement ring that Paxton bought at Walmart. It was Bling Bling! After they left we stayed at tmeple square and took some pics.

Free Haircuts for life!

Its awesome that my future wife is a hair stylist. These are pics of us when we went to her salon one night to cut my hair. The first time Kathleen cut my hair, it took her an hour because she was so nervous(she thaught I was really cute). She thought to herself, "I hope I never date this kid, because I hate cutting his hair!" I can understand why she thought that becuase my hair is super thick. Its a little funny now though, because she will be cutting my hair FOREVER.....FOREVER...!
My favorite part is when she washes my hair. It feels so good, and she usually sneaks a little kiss when my eyes are closed.

Our First Trip

The first trip we went on as a couple was to our friend's house in idaho. His family was so nice and made us some really yummy home cooked meals. we stayed with them and went boating for a weekend. It was a good trip because we were together 24/7 and got to know eachother better. The parents of our friend said that Kathleen and I made a great couple and that we should get married. We liked their approval because they were so awesome. We had a lot of fun!
Our friend Ryan and his family.

The first time we slept together. smile.

On the boat.

Pretty lake!