Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GIRLS TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driving into the city in the mini van!
Almost there!!!

After Ambre drove us into the city, we shopped on Canal Street while she went to get a parking spot. Two and a half hours and lots of cheap knock-off purses later, she finally found one, and we all met up in little Italy!
funny story: we were looking all over Little Italy for this restaurant that Ambre liked, and couldn't find it, so we just randomly picked a place. After we sat down and got our menus, I was looking it over, and realized it was the exact same place I ate at four years ago with Ambre, and it was DISCUSTING!!!! So we sort of just snuck out. Tacky, I know, but I did NOT want to pay 20 bucks to eat that again!! Ha ha ha, so once we left, we turned the corner, and there was the place Ambre had been trying to find the whole time. It turned out to be really yummy!
And then we stopped for a little heavenly dessert at Serendipity! We sat right across from the table the filmed the movie at! Frozen Hot Chocolate.....YUM!


We went to Mary Poppins on Saturday, and I LOVED it!!! It was so entertaining, and when they did "Steppin' Time," Bert walked up the wall, and tap danced on the ceiling and sang upside down, it was so much fun!

Long Beach

We tried to lay low on Sunday, so we just went to the beach! Pretty, but SO cold!!!

On our own

So, Ambre had to nanny on Monday, so we were on our own to find our way around. After about an hour or so, we finally made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge! The view was awesome, and totally worth the work it took to get us there!
So, has anyone ever seen Return To ME? I love that show, and here it is... O'Reily's!
Macy's had a flower show, and it was so pretty. Over a million flowers all over the place, so fun!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

American Idol

Okay, has anyone else been watching lately? Maybe some of you were lucky enough to hear David Archiletta last Wednesday... OH MY GOSH!!!! I love love love him, I wish he could come sing to me everyday. I also really like the Australian guy, love the accent, and I think he's got a really sexy voice. Oh, and we can't forget about dreads. Jason something I think. He is pretty, and so is his voice!

As for the girls... nothing to go crazy about. Does no one else notice that Rocker chick SUCKS????? Seriously, why is she still on? When the judges tell you that you picked a song with too much melody, that means you suck, and you should go home. I love the Irish girl (Carly, I think?) and I really liked that cute blonde girl who got sent home, boo. Oh well, as long as rocker goes home next, I think I'll be okay!