Sunday, June 19, 2011


Eric and I just got back from Mazatlan, and we had so much fun! Thank you Sam and Brittany for letting us come along! And thanks to my amazing mom and family and friends that helped out with Ave and Liv.Our resort in Old Mazatlan was right in the city and so there were lots of army guys right outside our front door protecting us. Great pools, great beach, great service. Then we went to try out the sister resort,"Emerald Bay" in New Mazatlan.....
It was amazing. Better pools, better beach, seriously amazing!!!

We saw a couple of these guys squirming around I think Eric is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to food. He always wants to take pictures so he can always remember...We totally got suckered into a tour, and it turned out to be terrible!!! Oh man....sooooo many memories, though!
After a rough day at Stone Island, we recuperated with some Angelo's fine Italian Cuisine..YUMMM!!!

This was a really fun day. We took a taxi out(on our own this more tours!!) and ventured out to the city. We had some great food, shopped at the market, and met some really cool people.

This cathedral was beautiful, and we got there just as they were starting mass. Way cool.

Back to Emerald Bay:)This was my favorite place to eat. A little restaurant at our own resort called, "Cilantros." Food was great and the view was beautiful.

Our last day, we just soaked up some sun and body borded.

I know this is an awesome picture of me. Don't be jealous. But other than a video, which I am not posting, this is the only proof I have that I boogie borded. hahaha

Family Pics

We LOVE these pictures. Our photographers name is Julie, her business is Julie Dawn Photography. She was AWESOME!!! Seriously, the girls were not being very good at all through the whole session, and we don't know how she caught so many good shots! Thanks Julie!