Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take time to smell the flowers

Tori, Avree, and I went to the Dallas Arboretum today so I could get some pics of Ave in her Easter dress, and It was seriously a perfect day. We walked in, and I was just in awe. There were kids all over with beautiful easter outfits,bunnies and squirells running right in front of you, and beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE! Plus, I was in great company. For those of you who may not know my mother in law, she is amazing. So helpful and wonderful and generous and sweet. It was so nice to spend some qaulity time with her! Such a good break from the daily routine. Thanks so much for coming with us, Tori. We love you!

She got a little sick of taking pictures after a while! But it was the cutest little kid garden, and as long as she had her binki, she was cool with loungin on the little bench!

So, if any of you haven't ever taken your kids here...you HAVE to!!! It was so much fun. They had tons of these cute little places for kids to play. And such fun pics.

woa woa woa!!! Another nice save by grandma. Tori was so helpful all day! She stayed close enough to catch Ave in case she fell, but far enough away so she didn't end up in the pic. She's so sweet!

Get a grip

Ave's five months old now, and is learning lots of new tricks! She's started to really get a firm grip...not good for my poor hair....or earings! But she can hold up her own bottle, and has started to play with toys and her binki.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Setting up camp

This past weekend, Eric and I drove down to Mexia to meet up with some of our friends from Houston for a camping trip! We went with Brian and Jeni and their kiddos. We were a little crowded with three carseats and all the camping gear, but it was so fun to spend so much time with them.

The rest of the clan

This is Eric with Jake and Kelly's little Layla...total babe!

Mariah and Nat were our entertainment the whole trip. They were so funny and cute.

Little Ave, sleeping like an angel! She was so good. I think she likes the outdoors

Kirby's BBQ

Since there was a burn ban, we couldn't get a fire going, so we went out for most of our meals. This place had dang good BBQ!

Little squirell

This was so fun! Ave's first time in the swing. We tried putting her in alone, but she was too small, so Boots helped us out. Poor kid, look at his face! He's like "hello, please get this 15 lb weight off my legs!"

There was also a sign that said there were alligators...sick!For those of you who don't know; every time the Rawlins and Swansons get together, everything turns into a competition. Who can run the fastest? Who can do the most chin ups? Whose wife can throw the football farthest? Who can throw the football farthest left handed? And can they throw farther than their wife? Who can run fastest barefoot on the street? And my favorite from this trip was... Who can run back and forth at the swing set,without getting hit...while we are swinging blindfolded. Jeni got a video of it, and it was seriously hilarious. Check it out on her blog!

Nat played hard all weekend. We were in the car for like two minutes, and she was out!
Good company, beautiful weather, yummy food... all in all a really fun trip. Would love to go again.