Friday, December 10, 2010

Deja Vu

Everyone always tells me that my girls are clones of each other, so I decided to take a look at what Ave looked like at the age Liv is now. They definately resemble each other, but I do not think they are as similar as everyone says!

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Are you kidding me?

Olivia update...
Such a sweetheart! She is always so smiley and cute. She loves Avree, and anyone who will smile at her or give her any attention. She is rolling over, laughing out loud, and finding her voice. Such a fun age! I am sure I have a picture somewhere with her that I don't look stoned, but I am tired, and so sick of blogging, so for now, this will have to do!
she cannot sleep without a blanket over her face. It makes me so nervous, but every time I pull it off of her, she gets fussy and grabs it and pulls it right back.

First Love

Josh came over the other day while his sis was getting her hair cut, and Avree loved him! They were so stinkin cute!

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It took me a while to get on board with the whole Christmas thing, because as of last week, I was still wearing short sleeves and flip-flops, but I found a Christmas tree on Craig's list, and finally got into it. This is our first year to get a tree, cause it's the first year we have had space for one. I love it. I also decided to make our stockings this year, and I have one more left, but so far so good! Don't mind our love seat in our fireplace....our living room has a unique layout, and that makes it much more open!

Ma ma

My mom came to Tx for Thanksgiving, and we already miss her tons. Ave warmed right up to her, and still asks for her when she wakes up! Olivia is still having a tough time if I ever have to put her down. Grandma loved holding her! Thanks for such a good time mom. We love you so so much. See you soon!

Glamour shots

This is the only shot I was able to get while they had their matching dresses on! Having two girls gets me in to trouble's so fun to have them match. But I am actually pretty good. I usually only get matching stuff if one was given to us for a gift:)

hmmmmmmmm.... where to begin?
These two sweet things wear me out, so while Olivia was napping the other day, I put on curious George for Ave, and layed down for a sec. I woke up to find this! I don't care too much about the make-up everywhere, but it's my fav color that she always gets to! I actuallly can't find it right now. I think she stashed it somewhere, cause I have seriously searched everwhere!

Her mullet adds a really nice touch... I snipped her bangs a little too short the other day! Woops

Welcome home uncle Garrett!!!

Time goes by so dang fast. Eric's lil bro, Garrett, just returned home from his 2 year mission in Chile. Ave was only 5 days old when he left, and we missed him like crazy. So good to have the whole fam back together! Love ya G!

Halloween 2010

Let me explain.... for those of you who are not from here.....or for those of you who don't follow baseball.....the Rangers made it to the World Series this year, and the "antlers" and "claw" were a big thing. The Claw was for when they got a good hit, and the antlers were for speed. Eric got this idea a couple days before Halloween, and a guy from work made the hat, and he pulled the claw together!

Nana's fish pond:)

We had a party over at Brian and Jeni's for halloween/AVe and Nat's Bdays! Grandma rawlins was able to come, and I was so excited to finally sneak a pic of her! heehee

Trunk Or Treat

Halloween was a big success! Avree loved it, but of course, what kid doesn't? She was so cute, she wouldn't let us help her with her bucket of candy, and she had to always have a piece of candy in hand. I think she knew that when we got home, she wouldn't be able to help herself to anything! Oh, and she had a pretty awesome side kick....

Happy Birthday Avree girl

Happy B-day to the cutest 2 year old I know! We let her open her present before Eric had to go to work, then aunties and nana came over for lunch while cousins hung out in her new play house. Our ward had a pumpkin carving contest that night, and it was the perfect way to end her day! We had everyone sing happy birthday, and she loved it. Love you sweetness!

Cannot get en0ugh of these three little musketeers!

Oldest to youngest....Olivia, Haley, and Courtney