Saturday, February 28, 2009

4 months!!!!!

I can't believe Avree is 4 months old today! Well, technically she is 17 1/2 weeks, but Oct. 28 is her B day, so she's four months today, no? I don't know...whatever. She is getting to be so alert and fun. We've gotten a few little laughs out of her. She's starting to notice the strength in her legs. Always kickng in the bath, and she always wants us to help her stand. It's crazy to see how much she has changed our lives in 4 short months. We love you baby V!

We put on those baby einstein movies for her, and she just stares at the screen and usually drools! It is hilarious!

It was 85 degrees here the other day, so we busted out the summer clothes and headed to the park! I think she is going to enjoy the sun just as much as her mommy!

She has found her toes, and is always grabbing and playing with them!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hmmm... where do I begin? Two of my very best friends came to stay with me last week, and I already miss them like crazy. We all went to the shops at Legacy for lunch with Teresa(the one with the little stud to the right of me) one day, and had so much fun... ps.. why don't we hang out more teresa? haha anyway...I have known Nicole and Stacey since I can remember, and it was just so nice having them here. They were so easy going and helpful and fun. It really really makes me miss Utah. I wouldn't trade growing up there for anything. I made the best friends there that anyone could ever ask for. And as I had to take them back to the airport the other day, a little piece of my heart broke. So, to keep me from buying a last minute, crazy expensive plane ticket, and flying back to my beautiful home with Avree, and never coming back (Eric would come eventually, right?!?) ... I have decided to get over myself, and be positive, and think of some good things about living in Texas...
1. Eric and his family and friends are here
2. I love our ward
3. I love my clientele
4. Blue Bell Ice Cream
5. I don't have to shovel snow or scrape my car off in the morning
So, that's it for now. I know real life would happen if we lived in Utah too, but sometimes It's hard not to get caught up in thinking that the grass would be greener(which it is... literally. I love Utah grass... so soft. Kind of like carpet.)

Um, I really have no words for this picture. I just love it! My friend Nicole brought this outfit for her when she stayed with us!


My friends were in town for V day, and it worked out perfect for Eric and I! He had a "Flag" Football tournament that lasted pretty much all morning. He came home a little early though, because someone missed the "flag" part and tackled him, bringing him down right on his knee. This picture really doesn't do him justice. It is discusting, and so painful. He has a cracked knee cap, and it's all bruised, like clear up his upper thigh. Poor kid. Anwway, it while he was off getting injured, my friends and I all watched chick flicks and had a blast! Then we all went to our ward party and got some wing stop for dinner!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

They Say That Waking Up Is Hard To Do....

Ave's been sleeping a lot during the day, and if I let her sleep too long, she wakes up STARVING, and doesn't sleep at night. So I've been having to wake her up once or twice from her naps. I go in and un-wrap her, so she can stretch and slowly wake herself up. It's such a funny process, so I thought I'd try to capture it for the blog!

Shout out to my VT'S!!

Eric and I have been in our ward for a little over 2 years now, and I have ALWAYS had the best Visiting Teachers. They are always so fun and sweet. I got new vt's a couple monghts ago, and once again, they're amazing. They always make sure we're doing well, they brought me dinner when I had Ave, and they got me such cute stuff for her! This sweater is one of the cute things they brought... Thanks again, Christy! And my other visiting teacher, Holly, makes these rockin' bows! Her little girl always has the cutest bows, and she had extra ribbon, so she made Avree a Valentine's day one! I LOVE it!!! We are so lucky to live in such a fun ward. It's the best!!!