Monday, March 09, 2009

The rest of the clan

This is Eric with Jake and Kelly's little babe!

Mariah and Nat were our entertainment the whole trip. They were so funny and cute.

Little Ave, sleeping like an angel! She was so good. I think she likes the outdoors


Chi-townRawlins said...

(*mope) So much fun and we totally missed out. The night pictures made me sad the most:( That's my fave part of camping - letting the kids run around and go crazy after dark while we sit around in camping chairs! We are SO IN for the next trip!! Woot woot!
p.s. Those pics of Avree and Stephen in the swing totally made my day:)

Camille and Bryce said...

Kathleen, of course I remember you! Jana was keeping me updated during your pregnancy and on your little one! So glad you guys are doing well and Avree is so adorable! Life for us is going well too...just recently moved to Chicago and are loving it here! Looks like it is warm where you jealous at this point!! :) Have a great week!

Famous Amos said...

I am so jealous! One more reason to move to Texas. Camping in March! She looks so cute all cuddled up on her sleeping bag.