Sunday, December 28, 2008


My family flies in on New Year's Day, and I am SOOOOO EXCITED!! We are blessing Avree on Sunday, and so they are all coming. I know they're all sacrificing a lot to come, and it means so much to me. They have always been so supportive. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love all of you, and seriously CANNOT WAIT to see you!!!! Let's hope the weather cooperates so your flight doesn't get cancelled or anything:)


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

oh kathleen I am soooooooo glad you family is coming to town. I am so sorry we cant be here, I am so sad. we will miss you guys!

atsimms said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see you and Avree! I hope I can sleep the next couple of nights. Five days---no big kids---better than Christmas!!!!!

Melanie S. Tripp said...

HEY!! How are you doing? I haven't "talked" to you in a while! It looks like you guys are adjusting well to parenthood! ;) That is so awesome! She is such a cutie! And you dress her SOOO cute! That is seriously so much fun! Well I just wanted to say hello & see how you all were doing! Hope all is well! Tell Eric hi for me!