Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tori, Anna, and Jeni threw me such a fun shower last Saturday!!! People from church, and some friends came over, it was so fun, and they decorated everything so so cute!!!

This was the game we played. Anna melted candy bars in the diapers, and we had to look through and smell them to guess what was inside!


atsimms said...

Mom just sent me a text and told me to look at your blog! WOW! They went all out! Everything looks so cute and that cake makes me want to eat right now. You have so many fun friends and family there! It makes me miss you so much.

Annie said...

Ahhh! That diaper game grosses me out every time I hear about it (I've never played myself)...but at the same time it makes me want to laugh really hard! Looks like you had fun. That is so sweet, all the things everyone did for you. So exciting!

Karlee said...

OHHH I'm SOO sad I missed it!