Friday, October 31, 2008

Coming Home!!!

AHHH! These pics aren't in the order I want them in, but it just took like 45 minutes for them to upload, so oh well! We got to bring our little miss Avree home today! She is so dang fun. We had her all ready to go home around 12:00, but since we had her Halloween costume on, it took a little over an hour to get out of there! Tori works there, so all of her cute nurse friends wanted to see her cute new grand-daughter in her Halloween Costume! Overall, the whole hospital experience was awesome. Everyone was so nice, and supportive! But it's been fun having her in the apartment! She's just all cozy and making herself right at home!

I love this picture. She was being so cuddly with her daddy this morning! Totally giving him a bear hug! SO CUTE!!! Already a daddy's girl!


atsimms said...

Cute cuddly picture with Eric. I Love that! I also really like your car seat and bouncer. Super cute.

Kathleen I can't believe you were able to take pictures leaving the hospital. Where is your wheel chair, left over belly, and swollen feet? You're supposed to have those things right after having a baby you know. You look way too good. No fair! I guess I need to move to Texas. (:

I can't wait to hold little Avree. Keep posting TONS of pictures!