Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My friend Janelle came over with her cute little girl, Mckenna.
keep in mind..... Ave had a fractured femur in most of these pics. Poor thing! She was still pretty good, though.

Avree and Max! My cousin Tyson is a week older than I am, and we have lots of pics from when we were little, so my mom and Grandma made sure we got a pic of my baby and his baby. Cute!

My mom makes the best home made popsickles ever. They are my fav. She makes about 500 every 4th of July. She made mini ones this year, and let Avree have one all to herself! She also worried she was too cold, so she gave her a blankie too. Ha ha....she got SO spoiled at my mom's house!

lounging with the cousins...


melody said...

Can you believe that the popsicles are almost gone. When the grandchildren come over they eat about 3-5 each. I love the picture of her in the swing, and the cousin pictures are adorable as usual!!!!! love you. xoxoxoxo mom

the hills said...

you posted! no way man!!! she is SO sweet leener! her little independence day ensemble is the best. & what a cutie in that video, she totally waves! i. love. avree. oh, & you. that is all.