Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dressin up!

I know you can totally tell I am a first time mom, because I just want to take pictures of her ALL THE TIME!!!!! I just can't get enough. These are just some of her stinkin cute newborn outfits that she's been stylin' in the past couple days... She LOVES to be swaddled!Sung as a bug, and so cute wrapped up like a little burrito!So sweet.

This might be my fav! Check out her boots!!! Hee hee hee

Napping in a blanket made my grandma knight!!


atsimms said...

How many outfits does this sweetie have? I hope she isn't pooping through all of them. Thanks for the adorable picture you sent for me. You are a sweetie and look like a great mom. Love Jennifer

Shay and Nick said...

OH my gosh Kathleen, seriously your little girl is so cute!!!! And her room is darling, I love the black and pink!!! When was she born? Oh and her little halloween outfit....DARLING, your a great mom!!! Nick and I have a blog, check it out!!

Pam said...

Seriously, I love the boots! It makes me want a girl so I can have fun dressing her up too.