Sunday, September 21, 2008


Thanks to Eric's super generous and awesome family friend Pollianne, and her niece Mandy, I had an AWESOME baby shower Saturday at Maggiano's. It was so fun! She offered to throw me one, so I got a bunch of hair clients and friends together, and we had a ton of fun! I got so spoiled.

Tori likes to give each grandchild a quilt, so this is the one she gave us! So cute!!!
And we also got tons and tons of cute little girlie outfits! I am so excited to see her in them!

Thanks Polianne and Mandy! That was so much fun. You guys are the best!!!!!


Haleyuns said...

You look GORGEOUS!! And that quilt is just your style!!

atsimms said...

That quilt is so dang cute! Good job Tori. IT will match your nursery perfectly! Kathleen what's up with not even looking prego in the first picture of this post. Seriously not fair at all. You look amazing!

critts said...

Love the quilt!

melody said...

I LOVE the quilt-what great taste!!! Good Job Tori. The room is GREAT. you guys are awesome. I'm anxious to be there. The shower looked like tons of fun. love ya mom xoxoxoxoxoxo