Sunday, August 05, 2007


Hey everyone!
Eric and I are going to New Braunfels this Friday night(Aug.10Th) after work, getting a hotel for the night, and going to Schlitterbahn all day Saturday! Sam and Britt are coming for sure, Paxton and Abby are 70% in, and we're pretty sure Ryan and Jill are meeting us there. Anyone else want to come? Let us know ASAP! It's going to be so much fun!


Annie and Talon Webb said...

Kathleen, what in the world is the schlitterbahn? Ha ha! It is a German or Scandinavian name, I can tell. Whatever it is, have fun! :)

Jill & Ryan said...

We are in for sure. I just posted a blog about it. We are so excited to see you guys and to have some fun in the sun. Let us know when you are planning on rolling into town and where we are staying.

Jewels said...

Kathleen! Oh, it's been ages since I've checked your blog - I'm the worst friend ever. It looks like you two are doing SO WELL! I miss you terribly, but hopefully I'll get to see you soon. I must be honest, I would join you this weekend if I could...but I don't even know what Schlitterbahn is...I'll be there in spirit! I'm having a baby shower this weekend and Crystal (from the salon) is coming. We'll be thinking of you! Hope to hear from you soon.