Monday, August 21, 2006

Our First Trip

The first trip we went on as a couple was to our friend's house in idaho. His family was so nice and made us some really yummy home cooked meals. we stayed with them and went boating for a weekend. It was a good trip because we were together 24/7 and got to know eachother better. The parents of our friend said that Kathleen and I made a great couple and that we should get married. We liked their approval because they were so awesome. We had a lot of fun!
Our friend Ryan and his family.

The first time we slept together. smile.

On the boat.

Pretty lake!


Abby and Paxton said...

So I forgot that you are roommates with Ryan Tingey. When i was lookin through your pics I saw him and was surprised- then remembered that you knew him. What a small world. You two are so cute. Too bad you beat Pax & I by a week! You guys are good.

Jake & Kelly said...

Idaho Rules!!! I love to ski!!!