Sunday, September 28, 2008


Happy 2nd anniversary!!! We forgot our camera throughout the day, so we stopped by Eric's parents house for an anniversary picture! We had so much fun, we went to lunch at Fogo de Chao (all you can eat Brazilian.......YUM) and then went to get couple's massages at a really nice spa in Highland Village! I got a prenatal massage, and it was heavenly!!! Time goes by so fast, I can't believe we've been married for two years all ready. Thanks for the fun day Eric, love ya.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

33 1/2 weeks..... only 5 more to go!!!!!

Before we left for church, I thought I'd have Eric take a pic so my fam and friends far away could get in on this whole thing! I'm getting really excited for her to come. For those of you who haven't heard yet, I'm being induced about 10 days before my due date, so she will probably be here Oct. 28th or so (37 DAYS!!!) Long story, but I have a two vessel umbilical chord, which can be problematic, but we are extremely lucky, and she is growing perfectly, and everything is looking good. I go in every week for an ultra sound to make sure she keeps growing, and so the doc said that it's better to take her early to avoid any risk!


Thanks to Eric's super generous and awesome family friend Pollianne, and her niece Mandy, I had an AWESOME baby shower Saturday at Maggiano's. It was so fun! She offered to throw me one, so I got a bunch of hair clients and friends together, and we had a ton of fun! I got so spoiled.

Tori likes to give each grandchild a quilt, so this is the one she gave us! So cute!!!
And we also got tons and tons of cute little girlie outfits! I am so excited to see her in them!

Thanks Polianne and Mandy! That was so much fun. You guys are the best!!!!!

Getting her room ready!!!

We're running out of time before she comes, and are getting to work to make everything ready! We've painted three walls a soft, pale pink, then painted the accent wall a little brighter, and eventually, it wil have hot pink diamonds to make it look like an arguile wall, ya know? So far, we've got half of them done, and I think it's going to be pretty dang cute. Just some black furniture, some curtains, and some pics, and we'll almost be set.